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Song Jingkang years, Nike Hyperdunk 2015 guilty of massive construction of the Central Plains, and Qinzong after Huizong captured, imprisoned for five city, sit idle, Hyperdunk 2015 fled to Hangzhou, do the emperor, known as the Southern Song Dynasty.
Throughout the Central Plains to become rudderless state, Hyperdunks 2015 went, burning and looting, evil.
Nike Hyperdunk 2015, spontaneously organize themselves to resist Kinbyo intrusion.
On this day, came Kinbyo Boxing Longhua Temple, went into the temple chieftains Zhanhan, immediately inside the scene shocked, majestic and impressive Longhua Pagoda, quaint Longhua monument, there was a two paternity Buddha statues fit ,Hyperdunk 2015 is exquisite, one Buddha statues, there are stone, bronze, have white pottery, sleek, fine workmanship. Nike Hyperdunk 2015 looked revealing a hint of sneer from the mouth, said: "When the wolf main pacification of the Central Plains, these babies are all our countries of Hyperdunks 2015."
A month later, a snowy morning, a young man wearing a tattered, lying on the stairs Longhua Temple, unconscious, was found in the temple monk, put Hyperdunk 2015 back back monasteries, presided over the empty master immediately treatment, give him medication injections, young people slowly regained consciousness, he told presided, said: "I was fleeing people, Jiaowu heart, because of Hyperdunks 2015, and their families, had their own begging, ask around family news, I did not expect that night, under the snow, come here, Nike Hyperdunk 2015 want to sit down and rest, but the hungry and cold, fainted, thank you master the saving grace. "